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Ultra thick card invitations

If you're looking for some luxury invitations then take a look at our ultra-thick 700gsm card which is double the thickness of a regular business card. This quality card is one of the thickest available and will truly make an impact on your guests.

Available with matt or gloss laminated.

Our cards come in a range of sizes including DL, A6, A5, 148mm square and A5.


Lamination is the process of applying a thin layer of plastic to paper or card sheets to enhance and protect the printed matter. Common types of laminate are gloss and matt. Lamination is often used for Book covers, brochures, business cards as well as invitations.


Gloss laminate is visually stunning. It produces deeper, cleaner and crisper lines and colours, and gives vibrancy to cover photos. The glossy, reflective finish grabs attention and implies a richer product. Gloss laminate is durable in that it repels dust, dirt and fingerprints. Even when it does come into contact with surface dirt, it is easily wiped clean. 

Some considerations to make when choosing gloss lamination: Scuffs, scratches and indents can be more visible with gloss covers - by nature of the glossy reflective finish, the imperfections catch light and draw attention. The vibrancy of colour and sheen of the finish can sometimes overshadow the subtlety of an understated cover design.


Matt Laminate is often described as a more professional and elegant finish. Matt is currently the more "fashionable"  choice for laminate. The velvety texture of the finish makes for a pleasant tactile experience. The matt soft finish is less reflective than gloss, giving a more natural look to invitation art. A less shiny cover absorbs more small scratches and scuffs without looking "beat up". The simple contrast of a matt invitation among many glossy ones can make them standout.



With a high-class prestigious feel, matt lamination offers you that special touch to products aiming for a more sophisticated finish.


But to grab the attention with brighter colours, richer blacks and more visible shine, gloss is a strong choice.


Metallic Gold


Metallic Blue


Rose Gold


Metallic Bronze


Metallic Pink


Metallic Green


Metallic Silver


Metallic Red

Printed on a 400gsm or double thick 700gsm card and price includes matt laminating to protect the foil from scratching.


Metallic foil


If you want your invitations to really pop then our NEW metallic foil range is just the ticket. Our metallic foils come in seven colours including gold and silver and the process is both simple and affordable.

Our cards come in a range of sizes including DL, A6, A5, 148mm square and A5.

Call us today for a no obligation design and quote.

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